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Upon receiving directives from either you or your Insurers, an Avada representative will establish contact with you within a day, with the aim of scheduling a visit to your premises, typically within the upcoming 5 business days.


Upon conclusion of our preliminary visit, we will present our observations and suggestions either to you or to your Insurance Company, generally within a span of 5 business days. Depending on our discoveries, we may need to conduct further detailed investigative work (Stage 2). If such is not necessary, we will advance directly to Stage 3 (Remedial Works) upon receiving your or your insurer’s written confirmation.

Emergency Works

Occasionally, some projects demand immediate intervention. Should this be the case, we will seek authorisation for any emergency operations.

Site Investigations

Should additional investigative procedures be necessitated, these will usually initiate within a week of us receiving written authorisation from you or your Insurer. Typically, we can conclude the investigation within a couple of days, though occasionally it may extend by a day or two, hinging on the intricacy of the spill. We will inform you during our initial visit if such an extension seems probable.

During the investigation, our efforts will be focused on discerning the vertical and lateral scope of the oil spill, as well as evaluating any potential impacts the spill may have induced. In most instances, samples of soil/water will be procured and dispatched to an independent laboratory for examination. As a rule, it takes around 10 working days to process these laboratory samples, hence, upon completing the on-site investigation, we will tender our report to the insurance company within a timeframe of 15–20 working days.


The subsequent phase in this procedural journey involves carrying out the necessary remedial actions. These crucial works are set to commence within a span of 5 to 10 working days, upon receipt of a formal, written directive to proceed.

It is important to note that this particular stage of the process can potentially be somewhat disruptive and require a considerable amount of time. However, we want to assure you that we will make every possible effort to mitigate the level of disruption caused and to keep the overall time frame to the barest minimum. Our team understands the vital balance between maintaining a high standard of work and ensuring that your life returns to normal as quickly as possible.

All remedial tasks undertaken will be meticulously executed in accordance with the mutually agreed Remediation Plan. We believe in maintaining a transparent line of communication with you, keeping you fully informed at each stage of the remediation process. Moreover, in our unwavering commitment to delivering a service that exceeds your expectations, every single task performed will require your final approval.

This approval process is an integral part of our operations, as we value and respect your opinion. Before we consider a job completed, we will ensure that you, as the client, sign off on the works carried out. This is to ensure that you are entirely satisfied and 100% content with the quality and extent of the work done. We firmly believe in the importance of client satisfaction, and this ethos is at the heart of everything we do.


Upon finalisation of the remedial operations, we will procure validation samples and forward them to an independent laboratory. This process ensures that the executed works align with the initial plan.

A detailed report outlining the undertaken works, complemented by the validation data, will be compiled. This comprehensive account will subsequently be submitted to you or your insurer for their records.

Expert Witness Work

We offer expert advice on cases involving land and water contamination from a variety of substances including petroleum hydrocarbons, animal slurry, digestate, and industrial chemicals. Our expertise extends to providing evidence on the scope and cost of remediation works, the nature and extent of contamination impact, and the causation of pollution incidents. This often involves environmental forensic assessment and the commissioning of materials forensic assessments. We have a strong track record in the delivery of oral and written evidence, including the preparation of reports and statements for civil, criminal, industrial tribunal, and arbitration proceedings.

Our specialists can assist in a range of areas: the evaluation of the nature, extent, and severity of environmental impact; the assessment of incident causation; managing commercial disputes and insurance claims; criminal defence and prosecution; engagement with regulators to prevent compliance issue escalation and mitigate against prosecution; environmental permit and regulatory compliance checks and assessments; negotiation of enforcement undertakings (civil sanctions); and the review of completed remediation works and the reasonableness of incurred costs. We pride ourselves on delivering expert witness expertise. Our clients benefit from clear, robust expert opinions that are rooted in our direct experience within the response and remediation industry, as well as the waste and contaminated land sectors.

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